The Start of the Journey

Let’s make this clear from the start; I am not an expert on wine! I’m not a sommelier, I haven’t worked in the industry and I am not even very knowledgeable when looking at the scope of information one can have on this subject. I am just wine-curious, and this is my journey to discovering what it is like to take a hobby one step further.

About a year ago a friend of mine asked me if I would like to start scoping the Swedish market for a product (cava) he already sells in other countries. I was very excited as this was my favorite bubbly, and I had been suffering of a severe lack of it for several years (living in countries with no importer for it).  So, if nothing else, I thought, I would be able to import it just for me. Hmmm. the pallet would last me for some time, but we had cellar-space. Luckily the reaction from my friends and acquaintances was the same as mine, many of them loved it; loved it so much, that they were ready to buy cases of it.

However, this experiment opened another door; a door to realization of how many other wines it would be great to get my hands on. The local monopoly store is a great shop, don’t get me wrong, but in today’s free-market environment, I object to someone else deciding the menu I can choose from. Even with an endless selection, there was a whole world of wine out there calling for me.

So now it’s done! We recently started a company with my best friend and partner in crime, my husband. The company was founded in Denmark and will start selling small producer wines within the EU; wines that have no chance at ending up on the shelves of the monopoly-shop and are somewhat different from the main-stream products on the market. We start this journey as a hobby, but a hobby with an ambition to grow it into a healthy business. We have very little idea on what we are getting ourselves into, but it is the journey that is exciting, not only the result. Even with all the, hmmm, negative talk about running your own business, I still have confidence in entrepreneurship. Even if we finish this journey with no profit, we will be richer due to the experience.

Skol! For the start of the journey.
Skol! For the start of the journey.

So what can you expect from this blog? Wine reviews of course! But also thoughts on restaurants, bars, cafes and shops. Writing about food and tastes. And a story about how to run (or how not to run) your own business in wine. I will of course be writing about the wines we will sell, however, I think it’s important to recommend other good products as well. Not so much for our own business, but to boost people’s curiosity in wine and help people find the great products that are available out there. There is not that much about my personal life, I’m afraid, but that’s not that exciting anyways. The ambition is to share what I discover and learn and have some fun while doing it.

Hopefully you will like it and find yourself excited about the journey too!

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