Wine-week no 1.

I have now been following and reading different kinds of blogs for about a year. Yes, I know, I am catching on late – it is a bit of trend in many things these days I must confess. When it comes to social media, I am still taking baby steps. It didn’t use to be like that, but with age I can see that I am becoming less and less of an early adopter. I can already see that day when I am completely out of it on what the 20 something’s are up to. However, when that day comes, I will enjoy the ignorant bliss with a good glass of wine.

Back to the actual topic: blogging. What I like about many of the blogs I follow are their weekly recaps in pictures. I don’t mind that the content is not very deep; it is a way of remembering all the good moments one had during the past week. I am like a train, always on my way to the next station, so a small recap is a great way to linger in the moment for just one more day.

So I would like to start a tradition. A tradition of posting some pictures of great moments with food and wine from the past week. You can consider it a sneak peak on what I will review or write about in the following days. When I have done some more research, perhaps I can also add some interesting news around the topic. But to start with, here is Wine-week no 1 in pictures.

From the upper left corner: Enjoying Sonoma-night @ Gaston// Alexandre Bonnet Grand Reserva Brut// Champagne Afternoon Tea @ Wienercafe// Just another weeknight with non-alcoholic delights// Cheese shopping for some great wine pairings// Great Sonoma wines in a row.

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