Wineweek 2

Every year I curse Christmas coming too early. I love Christmas, don’t get me wrong. However, I generally dislike it when the holiday brochures start dropping into the mailbox mid October (or worst case late September). Year by year, I have felt the advertisement starts earlier. 2014 has been an exception. Either I have been walking around with some kind of blinds over my eyes for a month or two, or this year the advertises have taken it easy. I hope its the latter.

Now December is only one day away and I feel genuinely excited. One very good reason being this years Christmas calendar. For the past few years, M has surprised me with a “calendar” with 24 small presents (I love presents). The content has been small everyday stuff; hairpins (because I loose them with record speed), chocolate (that disappears with record speed as well) and other small things. This year he renewed the concept (picture on the top-right corner of the gallery), and I absolutely love it. I hope the wine-calendar is here to stay! It is after all, something we can both enjoy for many many weeks to come. It’s not like we will be drinking a bottle a day, but hey holidays are coming, so there is bound to be some more consumption. I will be posting on Facebook as the boxes open one by one.

And yes, what great wine-action we had this week. We tasted some oaky Cava, ruby red Barolo and special edition Lanson Champagne. I am looking forward to posting reviews on them. All in all, the week in pictures below:

 1. Looking for some good champagne glasses at NK// 2. Augusti Torello Mata Gran Reserva 2008 Barrica Brut Nature Cava, our appetizer for Fridays dinner// 3. The 2014 Christmas calendar. I cannot wait until tomorrow to open the first box// 4. Some moose to go with picture number 5 (I was not the cook)// 5. Paolo Scavino Bricco Ambrogio 2003 Barolo our Friday dinner wine// 6. Lanson Extra Age Brut Blanc de Blancs Champagne, the Saturday Champagne. 

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