Wine Review: Lanson Extra Age Brut Blanc de Blancs

One of the first champagnes I tasted (in my life) was a Lanson. It was a Gold Label, one of Lanson’s vintage series (I have no recollection of the year. I don’t think I even knew then what a vintage champagne was). I had tasted plenty of sparkling wines before (I was still a student), but the Lanson, it was something different. Toasty! That is really the only thing I can remember from that experience.

However, tasting the Lanson Extra Age Brut Blanc de Blancs took me back. There it is again, its toasty! With notes of honey, citrus and pear. It is high in acidity, with some minerals, even a bit floral. A very nice Blanc de Blancs and a walk down memory lane.

The Lanson Extra Age series was created to celebrate the 250thanniversary of the Champagne house. The idea was to select a mix of vintage grapes to magnify the Lanson style. The mix I tried was from -99, 2002 and 2003. The Extra Age is also, as its name suggests, aged for an “extra” period, at least 5 years, as opposed to 3 years (that is the minimum for the classic non vintages). The series also has a Brut and a Brut Rose ( both mixes of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir).

When it comes to the price, I am not completely satisfied. It costs 599 SEK at the monopoly in the special order selection. Yes, I accept that the winemaker has put some extra effort into it, but I am a teeny bit hesitant to pay ~600 SEK per bottle. However, this could be quite a good find at Airports. Not in Sweden (it’s actually even more expensive at Arlanda than at the Monopoly – and you are only allowed to buy alcohol if traveling outside the EU as well) but I would keep my eyes open in major airports such as Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London or Brussels. Lanson as a big brand is often subject to offers and discounts.

The Lanson Extra Age Brut Blanc de Blancs receives 3.5 stars. To me, it is above average, however not really value for money.

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