Some Cheese for your Cava!

One of my favorite activities (besides drinking wine) is snacking! I snack in the morning and I snack in the afternoon, twice. Sometimes it’s an apple, piece of chocolate, or an egg. Yes egg, a boiled one! I know I look like an idiot at work, peeling an egg while doing emails, but they are good for keeping the hunger at bay. My dentist is not very enthusiastic about my activities, but I just cannot (don’t want to) give it up. Snacks are a heavenly part of my day, and I enjoy them from the bottom of my heart.

The Wijnjas Grosshandel cheese-shop is a snackers heaven. The boutique has a large selection of different types of cheeses, sausages, chocolate, cookies and non alcoholic beverages. For the cheeses and meats, you can ask for the staff to cut or slice up a convenient portion for you. The shop also has knowledgeable staff to help you with your selection; the quality of products is high and the prices are very reasonable compared to a basic convenience store. You can actually save some money by buying your snacks here.

Last year, we held a cheese and cava tasting with products coming from this store. I was actually surprised myself how well some of the cheeses matched with our cavas. Not that I didn’t think the tastes could be combined, but I had foolishly always associated cheese more as a partner with a red wine. So the tasting experience with some experts from Wijnjas doing the matching really opened my eyes. Here is a list of cheeses we had with our cavas:

Llagrima d’Or Cava Brut Nature:
1. Brilliant – Savarin (favorite)
2. Robiola de Rocca
3. Langre

Peret Fuster Rose Cava:
1. Saint Anré
2. Pecorino Sardo (favorite)
3. Le Etivas

Wijnjas is not only a shop, actually they same owners run a wine-bar with the most comprehensive selection of both wine and cheese in Stockholm. You can order a mix of the same cheeses there that are sold in the shop and the staff is very good at matching them with your preferred wine. A surprise cheese-platter sounds like the perfect Saturday snack!

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