Wineweek 3

What a wonderful week to look back on! There was wine, food and some more wine. The Wine calendar revealed a very bubbly start for December. Apart from one bottle of Pinot, most of the boxes contained sparkling wines and champagne. Bubbly has always been my thing, and these bottles were all something a bit special. I am always happy to have some of my old favorites, but I can see my taste evolving much more to trying new and exciting wines. Santa’s little helper has really gone out off his way to source these. The weeks inflow of wine was topped up by some bottles M brought from a business trip to northern Italy. He was able to find some interesting Marzeminos (red wine) and Franciacorta sparkling wines. Both of these very scarcely available in Sweden. These are both something we would like to have in our selection in the future, so we do try to pick up some samples whenever we run across them.

We also did some great dining. Wednesday we went to good old Matkonsulatet, my favorite restaurant here in Stockholm. And on Saturday, we tried something new; Luzette at the central station, followed by drinks at Tweed. Last but not least, Christmas came early when out LeNez du Vin arrived. A set of 54 small bottles of lovely scents that we can use to help us describe wines. So interesting reviews coming in the following week. Hope also to be able to post some good news regarding Christmas wine-sales.

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