Training the nose – Le Nez du Vin

This sounds like a weird topic, or perhaps not if you are nose deep in the business of wine. Describing a wine based on its scent is a part of the trade. Why? Well everyone can have their purposes, but what I would like to achieve, is to be able to describe what kind of wine I like using a common language that is shared by wine professionals, enthusiasts and hobbyists around the world. Le Nez du Vin is like my “workbook” or “dictionary” for learning to speak wine.

Le Nez du Vin is a product that you can use to train your nose. It is a collection of small bottles containing different aromas that you can use to train your brain to recognize the most common scents you find in wines. Quoting the creator of this product “to fix aromas in your mind is to give yourself the chance to recognise them”. I like the sound of this! Additionally, you know those moments when you are inhaling the aromas of your wine and you just cannot put your finger on it what the scent is? Well, Le Nez can help you verify that. Off course scent as well as taste are individual things, but Le Nez can get you started. And it is not like this is it, this is the pallet of scents you have, there is always more. But the 54 bottle Master Kit is a pretty comprehensive set and will get you far.

Le Nez offers several different collections or “kits”: for the reds, the whites and even for faulty wines. So you don’t have to go for the full 54 scents, you can start with a light collection of 6 and work your way up from that. Le Nez du Vin is also only one brand for such a product. There are not that many on the market, but a few different ones. So if you are shopping have a look around also for other names than Le Nez. They also have aroma sets on the market for coffee and whiskey, omnomnom (that spontaneous omnom was targeted towards coffee, not whiskey) if you are in to other drinks than wine.

I have done my fair share of desperate attempts with sales people and sommeliers to describe what I like, and though I do get better over time, I really want to be able to take my reviews and descriptions to the next level. If for nothing else, then to be able to order exactly what I want in a restaurant. I am just not experienced enough that the name on the wine-list would tell me enough; especially when it comes to reds and whites (I am pretty fluent in speaking bubbly)! And I hope this helps. If not, at least it is quite fun to play with the set while drinking wine. It makes for a fun activity.

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