Wineweek 4

And its Sunday again! December is flying by and our company is still waiting for registrations. So this is the time to accept that our precious Llagrima d’Or will not be reaching customers for the festive season. It’s a shame, but it was to be expected. I can totally understand the entrepreneurs who talk about the frustration of bureaucracy. And its not the actual amount of paper-work, its the waiting. There have been several reasons for the delays we have faced: long queues, sick-leaves and the latest was a software meltdown at the Swedish tax agency. Are we unlucky, perhaps, but its unlikely; there seems to be a pattern here. We have day jobs, so this company is not going to be the bread-winner in our family (yet); but what about those people who give up their jobs (or don’t have jobs) to start a company. Our case may not be the typical one as we are starting up a business in one country and then registering it as a distance sales company in another country, but one can really wonder if it should take as much as four to six months to get all the paper work in order. Well, this post is not a cry out to the politicians (I can’t even vote here yet), it’s just a little thought I had especially when hearing how politicians tend to say they want to make it easier for people to start their own business.

To happier things. We finally extended our office wine-space with two new cabinets. We have previously relied on a Climadiff that fits 142 bottles. Well in reality it doesn’t fit as many, as bottles of sparkling wine tend to take more space (and I am a sucker for nice wine-boxes). But since the summer, we have been stocking the increasing amount of wine on the floor in cardboard boxes. Actually I have been so confused about what we have lying around that M was able to hide all the wine-calendar wines right in front of my eyes, in those cardboard boxes. Well, now our wines are in a proper order and storage, and there should be some space left for more. At least for a while.

Other events this week included the arrival and tasting of our Port wines from Viera de Sousa, a young, interesting winemaker from Sabrosa (Portugal); Champagne after-work at Royal Copenhagen in Mood Gallery and some Perrier Jouet as our Friday bubbly. More about those in the upcoming week. Wishing you all a happy and relaxing evening!

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