Midnight Cocktails at Tweed

In the past two years, I have visited my fair share of restaurants. Yes, I married a foodie and became one myself. Perhaps I always had it in me (the love of eating), but my food personality really bloomed when starting to date M. We lived in London at that time, so there was plenty of stomping ground. We were out several times a week in restaurants and bars, it was like Disneyland for foodies.

Well, that hasn’t really changed after the move to Stockholm, perhaps a little bit. What I have missed though is a decent selection of wine and cocktail bars. Alcohol taxes here are high, so it isn’t that easy to make a profit from just selling drinks. Mostly I feel bars here are for beer-drinkers, and now I’m not talking about the micro-brewery, beer enthusiast kind of places. A majority of bars have a philosophy of more is more and the price of a pint plays a bigger role than the selection. Well this is fine, if that’s what the majority wants, then that’s what the majority should have, right?

Anyway, Tweed is one of those rare places where a wine (and cocktail) curious like me, can go to enjoy a good selection of drinks and bubbly by the glass (or rather half-bottle). Located in the Old Town, it is hidden away from the street in the upstairs of the Collector’s Victory Hotel. Not a secret bar as such, but you need to know that it’s there to be able to wander in. The interior has an old-library fell with some quirky old figureheads from boats, and of course tweed tapestry. It is crowded in its own way as it is popular, but never feels quite full. It’s the bulky Chesterfield sofas that take a lot of space that leave enough breathing space to the people standing. Music is also not very loud, so you can actually hear the person sitting next to you. A comfortable bar, as it is advertised! Although the absence of windows does bother me now that I think about it.

So what is on the drinks-list then? There is a large range of wines by the glass from the classic wine districts, craft beer from far and wide, classic cocktails and digestive-spirits. In addition to this, Tweed shares a large wine cellar with Djuret and Burgundy, other restaurants (by the same owner) located in the building. They say they hold around 1600 different wines focusing on the classic wine regions and countries. What I noticed was the large selection of bubbly by half bottle. That’s almost better than by the glass if you are sharing, as you get a freshly opened bottle. This time, I had a classic cocktail though, as it felt more appropriate after a bubbly start for the evening and wines at a restaurant before; and my companions had some beers and Äppelmust (type of Apple juice). One couldn’t really call it as relaxing as it was Saturday night, but after some waiting we did get a table. Price-wise, well, its not the cheapest bar in town. I wouldn’t call it a rip-off, you pay for the comfortable space and good bartending, but perhaps I wouldn’t make a nest there and start calling it my local, as it can be a bit heavy on the wallet. Worth a visit though! Especially if you have an occasion to pop open a (half) bottle of bubbly.

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