Bubbly After Work at the Porcelain Shop

Friday again and time for after work! I love after work! Just the thought of it energizes me through a day of meetings and emails at the office. I actually love my job, but I love after work even a bit more.

Royal Copenhagen has been on the list of to-do’s for a while (since I moved to Stockholm). It’s a Café in the bottom floor of Mood Gallerian in connection with the Royal Copenhagen porcelain shop. The focus of the café is on Smörrebröd, a type of open-faced Danish sandwich that is just topped with heaps of meat, fish or other ingredients; but they do good coffee as well and have an interesting wine-list. The list is not very long, but they do seem to have a good taste when it comes to bubbly.

This specific time, we tried two of the champagnes (that we hadn’t tried before): Chateau del’Auche Cuvee Selection NV and Colin Cuvée Alliance NV, both decently priced under 130 SEK (in Stockholm this is a bargain). I must admit, I forgot to take notes, so my memory is failing me when it comes to the aromas and tastes, but I remember not thinking that much of them, neither good or bad. The Colin was a bit less flavorful than the Chateau del’Ache, so if you go and want to try the champagnes, start with the Colin. They also have a wonderful cava on the list: Cava Xenius Brut NV from Penedes.  If someone asks me where they should go for a glass of Cava in Stockholm, this is one of my top recommendations. The wine list rotates, so there is often something new to try.

There are also some wonderful dishes on the menu. I went for a Swedish meat pancake. What a wonderful concept I must say: A pancake topped with (a lot of) crispy bacon and some lingonberries on the side for freshness and acidity. The Danish sandwiches, Smörrebröd are also very good with different toppings: salmon, veal, and they have some other small snacks to fend away hunger. Value for money-wise, it’s as they say in Swedish “lagom” (medium). I think 75 SEK for a glass of good cava and ~120 for a glass of champagne is definitely not a rip-off.  The porcelain however, phooh, its expensive. Pretty, but not sure it’s worth the money. Porcelain is not really my style anyway. However, as a present, maybe, it would be something I would consider for a person who appreciates more old style romantic décor.

The only thing that really bothers me about this place is the service. Its friendly and professional, but for some reason amazingly slow, each and every time. And it’s when you realize that you are late for your next appointment, and you just want to pay fast and go, that’s when they screw up your bill, twice. And this is irrespective of person, it just seems always to be like that, regardless who is working or how many customers there are. Table service is not so common in cafes around here, so perhaps that is it. Otherwise, Royal Copenhagen is a great place to stop by when you are shopping or just hanging around in the center.

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