Wineweek 5

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! We even got a “tree” this week. M was very much against a full sized one as they make such a mess. So I bought a nice vase and picked up a few branches (for a few kronor) from a tree-salesman, and tadah – good enough for me! I am not this creative myself, but I saw the concept at a shop and thought it looked nice. What a busy week otherwise; finishing up with work before the holidays, buying presents, and doing all the food shopping for Christmas eve (that when we celebrate Christmas here in the Nordics). I felt that I didn’t have that much time for writing. I definitely wanted to, but as there is always more one can do at home and at work, I have learned to always reserve enough time for my loved ones.

It has been an interesting week with the Winecalendar. It is definitely clear to me now that this is a very bubbly calendar with only sparkling coming out of the boxes this week. I am always interested in small producers as they sometimes have more courage to be bold with their wine-making. The larger houses have their signature tastes and high quality can also be about consistency. Not saying that the big houses don’t have great vintages, but they are often out of my price range. With the smaller producers you win some, you lose some. I enjoy the surprise nevertheless. I can see I am getting deeper and deeper into grower champagnes and artisan cavas. I wonder whats next, perhaps ports. I have already started reading up on them. And the real question is, how can M top this years calendar next Christmas? I can’t really imagine it getting much better than this.

We had several guests popping by this weekend. First a friend I have met in London came over for a few nights. We did some wonderful wining and dining both at home and out. We spent Friday just cooking at Casa Winecurious and tried out two interesting bubblies: A Drappier Brut Nature Champagne, ordered through the Monopoly; and Santus Franciacorta sparkling wine brought from Ms trip to Northern-Italy. Franciacorta is the only region in Italy that produces sparkling wine with the Champagne Method, so we have been curious to buy them whenever we get recommendations. Both were pretty good and I can’t wait to review them. On Saturday we went out for dinner and drinks at Pharmarium, a restaurant that is built into an old apothecary.

On Sunday, today, another pair of friends stopped by for a champagne brunch. We finally tried out a combination Richard Julin, one of the big wine critics here in Sweden recommended in one of his TV appearances: Bacon and eggs with Champagne. It’s a surprising combination and something I would definitely not have thought about without Richards tip. Not sure if I am as excited about the pairing as Richard is, but it wasn’t too bad, not too bad at all.

Yes a hectic week. However, the holidays are around the corner, and not a moment too soon. Some rest and relaxation is exactly what the doctor ordered.

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