Merry Christmas from the Winecurious

It’s finally Christmas eve, they day we here in the land of Santa Claus celebrate and open presents. The old man is really from Finland, but I need to be a bit careful around the Swedes as they also claim Santa lives in their territory (but yes, Santa is really from Finland but it does not really matter that much to M as he claims Finland is just East Sweden). This is a day for spending with the family, not for blogging, but I sneaked off for a few minutes to discuss a dilemma I have: What wine should we have today? With a Christmas calendar full of great bubblies, I really have a difficult time deciding.

What would a good Christmas Champagne taste like? Perhaps creamy flavors of nuts and caramel would be appropriate on a day like this? I have some bottles that have been “waiting for an occasion”, like a Krug Grand Cuve, that are really not for saving but for opening within a year or two.  I also got a really wonderful bottle from the “winecalendar” today, the ancient variety champagne I have been raging about (for example in this post), the Oliver Horiot 5 Sens Brut Nature. That would be a really wonderful drink for today. But I feel torn as it’s really hard to come by with just 8000 bottles produced a year, and perhaps I should be patient and put it into long terms storage as it’s a 2008. Yes, this is not easy. I need to rummage through the cabinet and really put some thought into this. Will let you know when I have decided.

Now its time to get back to the family and socialize. I wish you all a wonderful Christmas! May you have great food and wine, and of course a great time with your loved ones!

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