A Small Piece of Germany in London

As I described in the last Wineweek, we did quite a comprehensive wine tour while in London. Most of the shops we visited were in South Kensington or in the central parts of the West End, but this jewel, The Winery, required a bit more work to get to. It was a tip from another shopkeeper that led us to to this boutique with (supposedly) the most comprehensive selection of German wines in the whole of London. I think I have been mentioning that we are quite interested in German and Austrian Pinots, so it was a no-brainer whether to make the extra journey. Already lugging around closer to ten bottles of wine, we set out in the London drizzle towards The Winery located in Maida Vale. We were actually not sure if the shop was even open as it was New Years eve, but luckily we did not have to be disappointed.

Stepping in, the shop was everything we had hoped for; shelves bulging of German wines; accompanied by some treasures from France, Spain, Italy and California. The shop had a cozy library-like atmosphere with a fireplace to warm up the holiday mood. We knew we had arrived to the right place. Shelf after shelf we went through the selection on Spätburgunder, Riesling and Champagne, many from small or medium sized producers. The shop did not have a specific focus on bubbly, but there were some interesting grower Champagnes and German sparkling wines. The shopkeepers could see we were there to do some serious shopping, so they indulged us with their expertise and also some nice tasters.

We left the shop with five more bottles and the realization that this was it when it comes to luggage space. We bought a few high class German Pinots, two German sparkling Rieslings, and a Champagne. Prices were very reasonable, however the current strong Sterling is doing some damage when it comes to value for money. These were however wines we knew we would not run into on the shelves of the Monopoly (probably not in the special order selection either), so it was totally worth the small investment. We were really intrigued by the Champagne we bought from a producer called Marie-Noel Ledru. She is a tiny grower with only 3 hectares of land to work with, so her wines are not available in many places; and M liked the label (he is a sucker for marketing too). The shopkeeper also told us that the producer might be retiring soon, so we just had to pick up one bottle. If its great, we might need to make an extra trip to London before the stock runs out.

Loved shopping at The Winery! If you find your self in London, I suggest you look it up too. Home is where the wine is (slogan from The Winery’s website).

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