A little Order to the Cellar

Today I took up a long time pending task, to log all the wines in our possession. I don’t know what was wrong with me when I thought I could go through all the bottles in a few hours. I set up the mood lighting, poured myself a glass of white and sat down next to the “cellar” with my laptop. Now, a few hours, and only some 20 bottles later, I have given up for tonight and moved on to writing this post. A much more pleasant task I must say.

For some time now, I have browsed through the Apple Store for a good app for tracking our wines. Preferably this app should take some notes too (in exactly the way I want them), and give me some price indications from around the world. I haven’t really been satisfied with anything I have found. The best option, and the app I chose in the end was Cellar Tracker. But as with many other apps, it is made in the US for people in the US, so it has some disadvantages for someone living on another continent.

Cellar Tracker is an app that combines a large wine-database with cellar tracking, reviews and some purchase information. In general it has everything I want, but almost nothing in the way I want it (smirk). Small annoyances include only one currency (the dollar of course), a word based search function (I would appreciate filters) and clunky design. The big annoyance is the stiff process for adding a new wine if it is not available in the database. It just takes too much time, especially if one has foolishly thought they could just “whip-up” their inventory. We buy a lot of “rare” small producer wines, so of course many of them are not in the database. This is perhaps just me complaining because I have taken too large of a bite at one time, but one functionality that I will actually email them about is that one can only add a new wine (that is not in the database) with the computer. The functionality is not available on an iPhone or iPad version. A smart person would log a wine into the database immediately after purchasing or receiving it, so I would expect it to be possible to do with mobile devices as well.

Anyway, something positive came out of this experience; the wine I opened was wonderful. It was a Daniele Piccinin Montemagro 2010, a jewel that we bought from London in 2013 when we still lived there. The bottle has traveled a long way and endured several moves. It has even survived a few months “opened” as I took a glass with the Coravin last summer. I will write a review later both on the wine and Coravin. But I can already tell you that the wine was superb regardless of us sucking out a glass a few months back. The Coravin is a real treasure for any wine-lover – no more restrictions due to “only wanting a glass”. After trying it on a few cheap reds and the Montemagro (not very expensive either) I have confidence to use it on some of the more expensive reds as well. Its a shame that it doesn’t work on bubbly, but who want’s only a glass of that anyway (wink wink).

So all in all a fun night regardless of a continuing chaos in the “cellar”. Perhaps I will continue again tomorrow (and sneak another glass of good wine with the Coravin). All and any tips on good apps for wine are very welcome!

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