The voice of reason

Most of the readers here have had the chance to get acquainted with my lovely wife Soile and her reviews of wine and other topics. I am of course also interested in wine so there will be wine reviews from me as well but I would say that my interests is more in flavors in general so you will probably see a variety of other things mixed in among the wine reviews. As Soile and I do not always share views on wines and other things we may now and then also both review some of the wines we taste (and as I am the voice of reason you should of course mainly trust my judgement).

I have traditionally been a lot more into red wines than Soile so if you want to get on my good side I would recommend bringing a nice California Pinot Noir, one of my favorite wine producers is for example Failla who make some lovely Pinots. I would however say that I am fairly adventurous when ti comes to new wine so eager to try new regions and varieties. Soile have of course with her commitment to bubbly brought a lot more cava, champagne and other sparklings into my life but I do still appreciate other types of wines as well.

I do also have a healthy interest in coffee, or slight obsession if you ask some. I do for example find it perfectly normal to bring your own coffee, grinder, scale and coffee maker when traveling and of course having my own coffee maker in the office as well. Either way, do expect some reviews on coffee and coffee bars and then of course some restaurant reviews. To get a taste of what you may see have a look at Yelp and my reviews there.
I will not be posting as frequently as Soile but the coming months I will have some extra time as off from work for a bit so there should be some more time to share my wisdom during this period of time 🙂

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