Wine Review: Daniele Piccinin Montemagro 2010

I like white wine, I really do. But I don’t have it very often. Perhaps because I don’t know that much about it. I have thought about starting to acquaint myself with reds and whites region by region. Its much more interesting to buy when the label says something to you.

Daniele Piccinins Montemagro is something I picked up in London at a place called 40 Maltby St. Its a wine bar and kitchen located in an old railway arch in Bermondsey. The restaurant is connected to the warehouse of Gergovie Wines, an importer specialized in ecologically produced wines. You can taste the merchandise by the glass or buy a bottle to have at the restaurant or take home. Upon a visit to the restaurant and after chatting to the staff about what I like in wine they suggested I try something they just had one bottle of. And after one small taster of the Montemagro,  I was convinced this is a white wine I want to get to know and have in my cellar. As it was at that point only a sample bottle, we had to return a few times until they got the shipment in. But since 40 Maltby Street is such a lovely place that was a great excuse to go back (as if I need an excuse).

The grape Durella, is a grape that has been long ignored not only in Italy but everywhere. The variety has been called rabioso (furious) due to its high acidity. The color of the Montemagro 2010 is very yellow and it is  low on residual sugar (0,3%). The nose is bready and has a hint of yeast and the taste with plum and raisins, but not sweet. It is like a non-sweet dessert wine. The wine is veary pleasant, not rabioso at all.

Price-wise this wine was very reasonable. I cant remember exactly, but something close to 15£. For white wines especially I am a bit more sensitive when it comes to price. I guess its because the selection is so large, that I expect to find a good white for around 10-20£. But what is to say that will not change with some more education. Five years ago I thought 15£ was a high price for a bubbly too.

All in all I give this wine a 4, both for quality and price. I think they are both aligned. I am also very intrigued to try more from both Danielle Piccinnin and wines made of Durella.

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