Beer Tasting in the Sun

With the lack of good wine while in Thailand we decided to do a tasting of the local beer selection as well as adding two regional (Asian) beers in the same category.

The line up was as follows:
– Archa (Thai)
– Asahi (Japanese)
– Chang Export (Thai)
– Leo (Thai)
– Phuket (Thai)
– Singha light (Thai)
– Tiger (Singaporean)

The beers are all in the category of light lagers so nothing exciting or unexpected. All except for the Phuket were in cans (the Phuket in a green bottle).

The color is pale, on the verge of looking like a white wine. The nose has almost nothing in it, faint aroma of grain aroma is virtually non-existent. It has a very faint smell of grain, corn and rice . The taste is pretty sweet, a mix of corn and rice with almost no bitterness and short finish.

The color of the Asahi pours as clear golden. The palate is dry and crisp. Dry malt, hint of grass as well as a little citrus hop are apparent in the flavor. Dry finish, light body to the beer. While a light lager it did not have any unpleasant metal flavor or sweetness to it.

Chang Export
The color was almost golden with small white head. Grain and malt in the nose. The taste was slightly sweet, but hints of grass but a slight metallic taste as well. Drinkable while ice cold but not a good beer.

Pale golden color with a nice white head. The aroma had some sweetness to it but also citrus and grain. Flavor is weak but there are hints of metal and citrus but also a bit weird dry cardboard flavor.

The color is light golden with a fairly thick head. Aroma has hints of dry malt, cardboard but also something vaguely artificial reminding me of some cleaning liquid. Taste is mildly bitter. Somewhat sweet, hints of artificial spices and vague notes of malt.

Singha light
Nose has light hint of grain and grassy hops with a whiff of herbal character. Pours clear and a very pale yellow with a small white head. Flavor has a very light grain and grassy hop note. Lightly bitter in the after taste, very light and and while a bit bland beer still very refreshing.

Color is clear golden with creamy white head. Aroma has makt, grains and hint if grass but all fairly weak. The flavor is slightly sweet and maly. Low in bitterness but still rather unpleasant and sharp.

None of these beers really rank high on a list of our favourites beers in the greater context, but when it is warm and humid it can be great to just have a very cold lager. Also the assortment here is not all that exciting but it does beat the wine selection.

We will not be rating any of these 0-5 as they would actually all under normal circumstances rate fairly poorly but instead we just made an rank between them. So here goes:
1. Asahi
2. Singa Light
3. Tiger
4. Leo
5. Chang Export
6. Archa
7. Phuket

All of these beers benefit form being drunk very cold as they mainly serve to refresh. Will not have any of these until next holiday in a hot country (or if there is an extreme heatwave in the Nordics) but if you find yourself on holiday in Asia you can consult this ranking to find our top pick!

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