Like a Kid in a Candy Store – Hedonism Wines London

Hedonism Wines is like a candy store for wine lovers. It is a lovely place to browse for wines as it has one of the most extensive selections of high end wines and big name brands I have ever seen. With a central location (in Mayfair) I often end up at Hedonism browsing around the shelves and crossing my fingers I win the lottery. The atmosphere is great for getting in the mood for wine and staff are friendly (although level of knowledge varies greatly depending on who is working). They also have a decent selection of other liquor, some wine books and glasses. All in all, its a beutiful store.

So why do I conclude that its only mediocre? For me it is the fact that regardless of the great selection I seldom find anything to buy. That largely comes down to two reasons: first the selection is extensive but to some extent fairly boring is at is the big names that dominate here and I am often searching for smaller producers (that is just not the focus of Hedonism). Nothing wrong with that but in combination with a “ridiculous” price level it just does not make it my place to buy. Hedonism is often substantially more expensive than other shops and I am often ready to go the extra mile to find a good deal. I have seen cases where Hedonism charges up to double that of what others have on the price tag, but more normal is around 20-50% more. One can always argue that a nice location and large selection is not cheap to maintain, but we are living the era of internet buying and home delivery, a nice shop is an unnecessary extra for me. For the really high end stuff (stuff for a few £1000s) they are however more competitive so it seems they try to have higher margins on their ‘cheaper’ (thinking of the wines costing £50 and up to a few £100).

Regardless of the price level I still think Hedonism Wines is a place well worth wisiting. If you are interested in some high-end Champagnes, they have a room with a nice collection of for example vintage bottles of Krug, Bollinger and Dom Perignon. Perhaps not something I can afford (or at least willing to spend the sums required) at the moment, but still nice to have a look at.

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