Coffee bar review: I+D Style Cafe by BRAVE Roasters (Bangkok)

Tucked in at the back corner of the ground floor of the Siam Center this was just something I accidentally stumbled upon while walking through a number of malls to get to the food court at MBK. They share their space with some sort of interior design store selling accessories. The coffee area is fairly small with a small counter where they somehow fit three to four people behind it and make both food and coffee. There are also a few tables but not the place I would linger for long. Looking at the limited space they do have a very ambitious food menu and what i really love is that each dish is matched with different coffees, teas or other beverages. Beautifully presented menus also add to the experience that this place is really serious about everything. Service was knowledgeable and while not super-fast, it was the attention to detail that was the cause of the time spent on every order.

The attention to detail really is apparent when having coffee here. They ensure each cup leaving the bar is just as they want it. Of course measuring to the gram, grinding as they want it for the brew method, ensuring right water temperature but also trying each cup before being served. If it does not meet the quality standards set they just pour it and make a new one. I must say that I am sucker for that type of dedication to quality, and while it may cost some in throwing away things, I hope it pays off in the long run.

We sampled several coffees here and I was truly impressed by both the Burundi coffee I tried as well as the honey processed Thai coffee. By far the best Domestic Thai coffee I had, and while I maintain they have ways to go before being good enough to compete on the international market this was a remarkable step up from what i previously tried. Normally I am skeptic to flavored coffees but I did have a small sample of the ice coffee they were trying out. It was a blend of several coffees but also flavored with cinnamon and lemon peel. It was remarkable refreshing and while not really strong in coffee flavor I must say it is perfect in hot weather. All in all one of the better coffee places in Bangkok when it comes to quality of the coffee.

So how does it rate:
Coffee quality: 4.5
Ambiance and Service: 3
Food: 4
Vs Local Average Competition: 5

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