A Postcard from Douro

Greerings from the beautiful Douro valley in Portugal. Today we are relaxing, as yesterday was spent tasting wines (about 20 of them). So I will keep this short.

We finally fisited our friends at Vieira de Sousa in the village of Sabrosa in Douro. The young and talented Luisa Borges took a whole day showing us around and introducing her wines. We also visited Luisas friends at Quinta do Popa, and followed as they bottled wine. Finally we were privileged enough to spend the night at a cabin on Luisas vineyard at Quint a do Roncao and to wake up to the site you see in the picture, the tranquil Rio Douro.

It has been an unbelievably great trip also business wise. Portugal is a wonderful wine-country and we cant wait to have some of our new finds available also to you. More about our trip in tomorrows wine-week.


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