Wineweek 17: Cava, Cava, Cava!

What a weekend! I must admit that it took me some time today to get the motors going on writing as yesterdays Cava tasting stretched closer to midnight. It was wonderful and fun, but cleaning up after 10 tasters and one over enthusiastic tapas chef required more than a few rounds in the dish washer. It was all totally worth it though. The Cavas were good and the tapas amazing, and I think we have a pretty good take on what to go looking for the coming week when we are in Barcelona.

M left already this morning towards Spain leaving me to work for a few days. I must admit that I was a bit jealous when he picked up his bags to head for the airport. But I have a pile of “adult work” and the quarterly accounting (boring!!) on the table, so I am relieved I have a few days on my own to concentrate. I am the type that just cannot enjoy myself fully if I have some work-guilt in the back of my mind, so better get it all just done. Also spring has really arrived in Sweden, so I was also able to simulate Spain by enjoying some nice walks and take out coffee in the sunny streets of Stockholm.

Portugal 028
Spring arrives
Portugal 025
One of my favorite cafes, Johan & Nyström

Btw. I tried out using a proper camera today for the blog pictures. They do look so much better, don’t they? When I started the blog I thought I would just slack off on this section, the pictures I mean, as they can take quite a lot of time to edit. But perhaps I should carry around the small Canon S95 that I have a bit more often. I will not turn into a photographer, and I will continue to use unedited material (as I really suck at Photoshop), but maybe now and then I can offer something better than just my iPhone “art”.

Back to Spain, we have a good number of new producers to visit and hopefully we will score home some new additions to the Cava selection. Actually, the purpose of yesterdays tasting was to test some of our October finds with our friends. We had six Cavas from five different producers ranging from entry level to Reservas and Gran Reservas (check out yesterdays post for the definitions):

1. Naveran Brut Nature Millessime 2011

2. Naveran Brut Vintage 2012

3. Cava Rimarts Uvae

4. Recaredo Brut Nature Gran Reserva 2008

5. Varias Cuvee Imperial 2007

6. Guillem Carol Gran Reserva Barrica 2008 Brut Nature

I tasted all of the wines in October in Cavatast, but to be honest, I was not sure what I would think about them this time. In Cavatast you have quite many glasses (because it is such a shame to spit out good Cava) and the setting is completely different. I guess it’s true what they say about wine that you have bought on your holiday tasting very different at home. A good example was how I felt this time about the Varias Cuvee Imperial that was my clear favorite last October. The chalky and minerally taste that I so enjoyed under the +25 (C) Spanish sun was somehow disappointing when it is cold and dark outside. The sensation is like licking a lime stone and it “surprisingly” more in place in the Mediterranean. I will write more notes about the individual Cavas during next week.

Welcome drinks
Welcome drinks
"The Breakfast": Bacon, eggs and bread
“The Breakfast”: Bacon, eggs and bread

As I mentioned, we also had some tapas served in between the different bottles (we sampled two Cavas at a time). When our friend offered to make some Tapas, what we had in mind was a few slices of salami, and maybe some Patatas Bravas, but what we got was something close to a Michelin starred restaurant. Our friend was hard at work all night serving dishes like salmon tartar with hazelnuts and celery sorbet and sprouted almond pure with kale vinegar, fried kale and friend oyster mushrooms. We were in and out of the kitchen trying to inquire if he needed any help or did he want to skip a dish and come have some Cava, but the artist was happily consumed by his work. Thank you Patrik, you really made the tasting extra special!

That’s it for this Wineweek! Tomorrow is Monday so time for some coffee. Also you can expect some more posts on the individual Producers we met in Portugal and some last Singapore memories.

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