Coffee Bar Review: Department of Caffeine, Singapore

Located right around the corner from Duxton hiIl this place fits nicely in the neighborhood. It is nicely designed, has a very modern feel to it and they do as many of the good cafes in Singapore serve both good coffee and food. The service is friendly and knowledgeable. The place seems to be constantly full but they still manage to provide fast service with a smile. I also like that they still ensure that they keep the quality level high even though they are busy.

The coffee is usually from Common Man so no roasting of their own is done. I did however find that they usually executed the coffee better here than at Common Man. The selection of coffees is however smaller here. Usually there are three options for the hand brew and then one additional one, usually a blend, for espresso based drinks. The hand brews have been excellent quality as well as the cold brew. Especially the cold brews have been really nice and flavorful yet without a hint of bitterness. The other beverages that I tried have also delivered good quality.

Food selection is good and they serve both delicious full dishes such as pastas as well as more standard cafe fare like pastries and sandwiches. Everything I had here has been very good so can easily recommended it for both food and coffee. As mentioned it is very popular and that in combination with not that comfortable seats makes a place I do not really hang out for that long at. Free wifi is available but it does not feel as if it is ok to sit and work or study here.

So how does it rate:
Coffee quality: 4
Ambiance and service: 4
Food: 4
Vs local average competition: 4.5

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