Artisan cocktails at the French inspired L’Aiglon

Artisan, you hear that word in front of everything these days. There is artisan bread, artisan coffee, there is even some “artisan” single farm butter in the supermarket at our mall (it’s a nice supermarket). The whole word seems a bit overused and perhaps unauthentic. According to wikipedia artisan means ‘hand made’, crafted with skill. And if something, the cocktails at L’Aiglon are only a few steps away from being art, crafted with care and passion. They are as good as craftmanship gets, much more artisan to me than that single cow butter on the supermarket shelf (I love butter, don’t get me wrong, but did the marketers run out of ideas or what)

The bar is located close to the popular Duxton Hill area on Dean Street (no 69). There are three distinct spaces: an outdoor terrace, the lounge and a private room that can be reserved for small groups if you are committing to a spend of at least 500 SGD (you get a lot of cocktails with that). The ambience is a bit Moulin Rouge meets China. Makes sense L’Aiglon being in Singapore and all and there is rumoured to be some French blood in the ownership. All in all very cool! We sat outside, as we Scandinavians tend to do, but ventured into the lounge to snap some pictures and follow the bar tenders at work. Even though it was valentines day it was still calm at 8pm, which we enjoyed very much, but as we are as we are, planners, we had reserved a table up front.

I ordered a French 69, a signature drink with Gin (I should really try something else than Gin sometimes), fresh lemon juice, sugar syrup and Champagne. And M had a Jockey Club. We only had one drink each, but if we would have stayed for longer I would have gone for a Screaming Tomatoes ($22). I dont usually like Bloody Maries but this just sounded so interesting with fresh French cherry tomatoes and a bouquet of herbs. The flavor profile is peppery and savory; a spiked gazpacho. Vodka is used as the base. Ther is also an interesting house Champagne, J.M. Labruyère Cuvée Tradition ($24/$110), but as this was cocktail night, I settled for having a small hint of it in my drink.

L’Aiglon also has some bar snacks and finger food. People have been talking very fondly of the crab cakes and mini burgers. We had just been for dinner before so we skipped the salty nibbles, but ordered a great mini ice cream set for dessert instead. There were four small ice cream cones: caramel, strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. Very delicious and a perfect size just to get something small and sweet.

I can warmly recommend stopping by this place for those who are into cocktails. You can feel confident that your drink will be made with care and skill doing justice to the word artisan. Service was also, which is seldom the case in Singapore, very attentive and good.

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