Wineweek 18: Barcelona Edition

Or I should rather call it the Sant Sadurni Edition, as I barely saw Barcelona during the three days I was there.

My wineweek began with some great news, our distant sales license (for our Danish company) to Sweden arrived in the post. So get ready all you Cava-vikings (and fans of Port and other Portuguese wines), we will open a order window soon. It didn’t take that long, only umm six months. Glad that our personal finances is not dependent on Sweden to keep the numbers from turning red.

Barcelona 164
Spring has already come to Barcelona

On Wednesday I hopped onto a flight taking me to Barcelona. As you might recall from last Wineweek M was already there waiting for me. Barcelona is perhaps one of my favorite cities in Europe. I love just strolling around, popping into cafes and having Cava with every meal of the day without it being deemed weird, or slightly alcoholic behavior. In Spain, wine is an essential part of the food culture, and Cava an everyday enjoyment. This time, however, we headed to Sant Sadurni d’Anoia every day to meet some old and some new friends (aka Cava producers).

We met with four new producers: Vilarnau, Castellroig, Rimarts and Cellers Carol Valles. They are all small or medium sized producers who have something that we are interested in: great Cava combined with traditional production methods and an interesting story. We will write separate posts from all of them, but I must say that in general, we were very pleased with how everything went. The highlights of the week were perhaps seeing the beautiful vineyards of Castellroig, experiencing the artisan bottling at Rimarts and tasting some very special Cavas (100% Subirats Parent) at Vilarnau. Also tasting the quality that is produced by the members of the family at Carol Valles was wildly impressive. It will be exciting to see who we end up working with but what I can say is that all of these producers are worth following.

The beautiful vineyards of Castellroig
The beautiful vineyards of Castellroig

On Saturday we visited our old friends at Peret Fuster for a special Calcots barbecue. Calcolts are long green onion that are very sweet and yummy when grilled and dipped in Romesco sauce. Its a great pairing with some rose Cava. The menu also included some grilled artichokes (with olive oil and salt), sausages, blood sausages and pork chops. Simple but good ingredients prepared with care! As the weather was unstable with rain and sun taking turns every 15 minutes (like Nordic summer) the table was beautifully set in the middle of the bodega where the wines are bottled. We had a great time!

Table set for a king!
Table set for a king!
Calcotadas on the grill
Calcotadas on the grill

In Barcelona, we only had the evenings available, so we reserved that time for some of our favorite bars. We popped by Monvinic (M went several times), Tandem (cocktail bar) and the wine bar of Fabrica Moritz, a new acquaintance. Monvinic is perhaps one of the best wine bars I know (M’s favorite). They have a long list of wines by the glass (and half glass) and they rotate the selection often. Actually they might change the wines by the glass on the list as many as five times a night. They have one bottle of something and when it’s out it’s out. The menu is on a pad, and every wine has a dedicated page with information about the producer and a map of where it’s from. Sounds great right! I will write more about it during the coming weeks.

So that was a lot of wine excitement for three days. So much that we didn’t really buy as much wine as we usually do. I think we only packed 11 bottles in check-in luggage this time. Strange! Anyway, we have some wine to sample for the coming months, so I am not worried that we will run out of selection. And with our trip to Terres & Vins de Champagne (grower champagne festival) approaching, perhaps we should save up some space in the cellar.

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