Tandem, a gentleman’s cocktail bar in Barcelona

With all the fuss going on about Cava, thought that I forgot about Cocktail Thursdays did you? No I did not and this Thursday I have a real treat for you! A trip down memory lane (M proposed right after a visit to this bar) and a sure stop every time we visit Barcelona. Tandem is a small cocktail bar located on Carrer de Aribau in laid back L’Eixample.

The outside of the bar does not really give away anything. You can see it’s a bar, and that they seem to serve cocktails (the logo is two guys riding a tandem carrying a cocktail tray), but you need to open to door and go in to get the real picture. When you step in you enter a space that could be from the 60’s. Long mahogany bar with high chairs, the wall framed with mirrors and the back of the bar decorated with bottles of spirits. The lighting is dim but not dark and they play some old music (at a low volume). The bartenders are dressed up accordingly in white suits and they are very polite, and I mean old school polite with a big P. You can almost see Don Draper (Mad Men) sitting there with his whisky.

The bar
The bar
Barcelona 141
Bitters in perfume bottless
Something close to a Dark and Stormy
Something close to a Dark and Stormy

It was Mrs Gin and Mr Rum on the move again that night, keeping within our cocktail comfort zone. I ordered something fresh and sour, and M something close to a Dark and Stormy. The bartender made the call on the ingredients. We ended up with two long cocktails, mine with cucumber, citrus fruit, basil and some soda water, and M’s with lime, soda and coke. Simple ingredients, but great taste. The spirits used were smooth with no bitterness whatsoever transferring into the drink. Both cocktails set us back only 9€ each, so I would say that is a bargain. I have previously also had some Cava here, and I recall the house sparkling being of acceptable quality.

All in all a wonderful bar, never empty but never too busy to turn us around at the door. It’s something of a special place to me and I hope you enjoy it too if you have a chance to visit.

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