Sunday Ramen at Blue Light Yokohama

Blue Light Yokohama Stockholm

There are two occasions when I feel like ramen: after I have had too much wine, or after I have had no wine (which would imply that I have been sick). For some reason both of these usually happen on a Sunday. This Sunday it was the case of the latter. And to spice up the experience, I made the mistake of leaving our home without an umbrella. Nothing beats hot ramen when your pants are all soaking wet.

Blue Light Yokohama is a Japanese restaurant here in Stockholm serving only ramen on Sundays. It has a real Japanese vibe, friendly staff and tasty food. The selection on Sundays is not broad, usually two types of ramen with a choice of meat or vegg. You can top up your meal with starters, edamame or japanese pickled vegetables, and some chicken karaage with rice; and you can order desserts from the a la carte. For drinks they have some Japanese beers: Sapporo, Kirin and Hitachino Red Rice Ale and Ginger Ale. They do also have some wine, but even the adventurous wine-blogger has to say at this point that I don’t recommend it. A restaurant that categorizes Prosecco as a white wine should stick to serving other beverages. The Sencha tea (their basic green tea) is wonderful and a cold beer is the perfect pairing with the hot ramen.

Blue Light Yokohama Stockholm
The dining room
Blue Light Yokohama Stockholm
Tables for bigger groups
Blue Light Yokohama Stockholm
The tea is served from a cup with all the heads of the Japanese prime ministers
Blue Light Yokohama Stockholm
Hitatchino Ginger Ale
Blue Light Yokohama Stockholm
Pork-blackpepper ramen
Blue Light Yokohama Stockholm
The miso-vegg ramen
Blue Light Yokohama Stockholm
Yuzu Ice cream

On Sundays, Blue Light Yokohama opens at five in the afternoon. We were the first ones to arrive, my friend and I, and it was no trouble getting a table. However, after 10 minutes the place was full. Especially if you are a bigger group, I would recommend booking a table. They have some nice Japanese tables where you take off your shoes and all. A genuine experience. We ordered the two types of ramen they had on the menu: The pork-blackpepper (clear) broth with spring onion, and the thick miso-vegetable broth with pork and corn. Both wonderful and exactly what you need in the raw spring weather. We also ordered some edamame to share and my friend took the extra karaage with rice. The ramen its self is very filling so any side dishes are pure greed. We also warmed up with some green tea, and I tried out the Hitatchino Ginger Ale. Regardless of the high alcohol content (8%), the beer was light and fresh and a great pairing with the salty pork broth. Nope, we didn’t stop there, we also ordered some desserts. I took the white sesame brule and my friend the yuzu sorbet. The brule was a wonderful experience with tastes of sesame, nuts and burned butter (that is basically what it is made of right), and the yuzu sorbet was like a fresh breeze (great for a hangover I would say).

I must admit, Sundays is the only time I have visited this restaurant, so I can only comment on the ramen menu. For the price (around 130 SEK) it is value for money so a welcome option to making food at home when you are under the weather.

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