My Favorite Wine Accessories

I have earlier mentioned some of my fave wine-accessories, like the Coravin. But one has clearly not received the praise in this blog that it deserves. I received my first Wineboy from my friend Niina as a house-warming gift. I had just moved to London and was unpacking my things as she presented her gift. It was small and elegant and perfect for someone like me who does not mind popping open a bottle every now and then but would not necessarily want to finish it the same day. The Wineboy is a temporary cork to salvage your bubbly after it has been opened.

Cool colorful Pulltex corks and the Wineboy.
Cool colorful Pulltex corks and the Wineboy.
The Wineboy, my first love. Keeping the bubbles since 2012.
The Wineboy, my first love. Keeping the bubbles since 2012.

Since my first encounter with the Wineboy, I have stocked up with several similar corks, the silicone Pulltex being a new pet. A temporary cork is not (nearly) as preserving as the Coravin, but you can’t use that on a bubbly anyway. A Wineboy will at least preserve the wine for consumption the next day, and the Pulltex is said to keep your sparkling fresh and bubbly longer (up to five days – I am doubting it a bit but will try it). One day is usually enough for me, as it is often on Fridays when we pop open a bottle to consume over the weekend. However I am of course intrigued to test if the Pulltex can pull off something better.

This is a rather cheap accessory to have around the kitchen, so just in case I have seven. You never know when you feel like opening seven bottles at a time. Just joking, we use them for tastings as well. A pack containing two Pulltex corks costs around 139 SEK in the local monopoly shop and the Wineboy to my recollection was 10 EUR. So this insurance for bubbles is a cheap purchase. Googling a bit I can see that Pulltex do other very cool wine accessories as well, so perhaps I need to get better acquainted with the selection.

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