Wine Review: Louis Barthélémy Brut Amethyste Champagne

The more we work with wine, the less and less it seems we have time to just randomly open a bottle. Many times we have an agenda of either trying out samples for our collection or checking out the competition. Last Friday we just randomly opened a bottle, the Louis Barthélémy Brut Amethyste. The wine was mediocre but the freedom felt great!

This specific bottle was sourced from London over the New Year. It was from a small wine-shop, Philglas & Swiggot (Review here) located in Marylebonne. The selection was heavy with wines from down under, but they also had some interesting rieslings and champagnes that I had not seen anywhere else before. Louis Barthélémy was a goo example, a producer exclusive to Philglas & Swiggot in London (They were are the importer). The bottle cost less than 30£ so we decided to grab one for a try.

Louis Barthelemy Brut AMethyste
Louis Barthelemy Brut AMethyste
Golden color with lively bubbles
Golden color with lively bubbles
My precious collectibles
My precious collectibles

The House of Louis Barthélémy was founded by a Russian Princess who fled revolutionary unrest to Epernay, France (there are worst places to flee). In 2002 it was acquired by Jean Barthélémy Chancel a young champagne maker driven to make distinct and elegant wine with low dosage and long ageing on lees. Sounds like my kind of wine! The house does not own its own vineyards but sources grapes from crus (vineyards) around the famous grand cru villages of Ay and Epernay.

The Brut Amethyste is made of 50% Pinot Meunieur, 30% Pinot Noir and 20% Chardonnay and aged approximately 3 years on lees. It is fresh in the nose with golder colour and lively bubbles. The taste has notes of red fruit, brioche and zesty orange.

Perhaps it was the style or the young age of the wine, but the Brut Amethyste does not rank among my favorites. I am slightly curious in trying some of the other wines as the style of the house should by description be something to my liking. They also have a extra brut and a zero dosage, so perhaps I should have a go at those (when I can find the time). So all in all we give the wine a 2.5 in pure quality and a 3 in value for money.

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