The box of Bubbly Memories

Finally Friday! I am sitting here enjoying a glass of bubbly and enjoying the thought of sleeping late tomorrow. I have had a bit of a writers block lately, or perhaps it has been that I have been busy with other things, but posting has become slightly less frequent. I am not sure if that is a bad thing and as with wine I will try to concentrate more on quality (of the writing) rather than quantity. Today, I thought about introducing one of my favorite accessories, a collection box for sparkling wine metal caps.

This is a gift from a dear friend. He brought it back from Champagne last summer. It is a leather box with around six or seven layers of space for collecting the metal caps from sparkling wine bottles. I love it as it is like a box of fine memories. I wish I had some more patience to always mark the caps with a date (and perhaps place) as it is quite fun gazing at the pretty collectibles and reminiscing the experience of the wines.

Checking out the collection with a glass of wine
Checking out the collection with a glass of wine

We started our collection last summer (2014) and in the picture above you can see how we have progressed. The champagne caps are on the top with the cava and other following below. Not much space any more, but luckily there are several layers one can fill. The pace will of course slow down over time as we do not collect all  the caps from bottles we open. We will not collect doubles just for the sake of it.

This was a gift, so I do not really know where to find such a box, but this one is from Champagne. Nor do I have any idea what it cost, however I can’t imagine it is something outrageous.  After a bit of googling I can see that similar boxes or books are available from around 20-50 Euros. So a fun gift for a lover of sparkling wine (or yourself). I am at least excited every time I fill a new compartment, not to mention how psyched I will be to finish a whole layer. Must drink more to achieve my goal!

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