Paloma Café, Shanghai – great newcomer on the specialty coffee scene

Barely visible from the street level I still managed to stumble across Paloma cafe when walking around Shanghai. There is a small sign about coffee outside and for some reason I felt inclined to have a closer look and saw that they had some quality coffee gear so I just had to try it. The friendly staff informed they had been open a bit more than a month so these are the new kids on the block. They are really friendly and super-enthusiastic about coffee and the cafe. The space is really nice and open. There are just a few tables in a large bright room with white brick walls and beautifully restored wooden details around the windows and stairs. Free wifi that worked pretty decently and pleasant atmosphere makes this a place to lounge for a long time.

They have 5 to 6 different beans to choose from, either hot or cold as well as espresso based beverages. All the coffee sampled was good, especially the Ethiopian came out really nicely. The coffee is presented very nicely, a cup of coffee, a small cup with cold coffee (on ice) as well as some of the ground beans. Really nice way of showing the coffee and how it differs if hot or cold and the scent when ground. The coffee is perhaps not yet top notch but I would keep my eyes on this place as they are doing a lot of things right.


As in many cafes the food selection is limited to pastries, so while these are delicious (just saying Earl Grey Cheesecake) eating is better done elsewhere.

So how does it rate:
Coffee quality: 3.5
Ambiance and service: 4.5
Food: 2
Vs local competition: 5

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