Getting Ready for Cavatast 2015

This year, I have decided to start the marketing early. Cavatast, my favorite wine event of the year, is closing in on the first week of October (1.-4.10.2015), and Team Sweden (as we call ourselves) is heading to Sant Sadurni d’Anoia to enjoy the festivities. It might seem that October is very far away, but hey, booking flights and hotels must be done early. To be honest, I think it feels so far away just because we want to live in the moment and enjoy the summer (no one wants to think about the fall), but it is just two and a half months time left (!!).

So what happens in Cavatast? It is an exhibition and festival for all of the cava producers in the village of Sant Sadurni, capital of cava and home to 95% of cava production in the world. The festival is a joyous event with locals and wine tourists alike enjoying the late fall sun and cool and dry cava. People bring their families and hangout at the tables set out on the streets. Everyone does not take part as exhibitors, but I think the whole village comes together for these four days of celebration for the local bubbly. There are around 30-40 large and small Cava houses set up in small tents introducing and sampling their products.

The way it works is that you buy tickets both for food and wine and walk around trying the products you want. The entry level cavas go for one ticket (value 1.5€) and the prestige ones from two to four, depending on the house. If you get peckish you can grab a plate of charcuterie, cheese or some yummy street food. There are also free lectures on cava and the Cavatast shop, where you can pick up the displayed wines for very reasonable prices (I think we dragged over ten bottles back last year). All in all it is a really fun event.

The only thing I would change is that the tickets are always for full glasses of cava. As we are there mainly to “work”, I would appreciate being able to buy half or even quarter of glasses (otherwise I will either throw the rest away or get too drunk). We have solved this by going with a larger group and then sharing glasses. If you are jut tasting, 3-5 people sharing one glass is perfect. This works out, but I would still like to be able to sample the really good stuff for less tickets.

We will be heading to the event on Saturday the 3rd of October with a small group of our friends and customers. Anyone interested are very welcome to join us (just send a message to We will be visiting our current producers as well as mingling with some potential new ones, and trying out a lot of cava of course. Last year, our friends at Peret-Fuster wines also arranged a barbecue to feed the hungry tasters after the event. I hope that they have something similar in mind for 2015.

So drop down your beach towels and start browsing for flights and hotels, Cavatst 2015 is coming!

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