Good coffee and great for brunch&breakfast: Kafé Orion, Stockholm

Just a few steps from Odenplan the people behind Kafe Esaias (named on NYT list of the best espresso in the world) have opened a small spot for coffee and light food. I do like the look of this small space with wooden tables and green walls. The staff are friendly but often busy as there is a steady stream of customers. Not really the place to sit for hours as no free wifi and for some reason my mobile barely gets a signal.

The coffee used is DaMatteo so the roast is good but the main draw back here is that unlike at Kafe Esaias they do not make any hand-brewed coffee. The espresso based beverages are all very good but to really be a good coffee spot I require hand-brewed coffee. This more falls into the category of place that I pick-up a coffee at if I am in the neighborhood but not worth a trip.

The food is however very good, nice sandwiches, great omelets and salads so a perfect place for breakfast and brunch.

So how does rate:
Coffee quality: 2.5
Ambiance and service: 3.5
Food: 4
Vs local competition: 2.5

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