Wine Review: Benoit Badoz Cremant du Jura

I always get excited when I find an excellent value for money -wine to share on this blog. That is kind of the purpose of it all, to build a wine-community and share ideas and information. There are thousands and thousands of wines out there, how to otherwise know which one to pick of the shelf?

“Domaine Badoz” is located in the town of Poligny, in the heart of the Jura region. Its origins date back as far as 1659 and Benoit Badoz represents the 10th generation of winemakers at the family domaine. He cultivates 10 hectares of vineyards with the aim of maintaining a natural ecological balance; grass is planted in every other row and no chemical are used in the fields. The production process, grape reception, vinification and aging are also efficiently organized and environmentally friendly. The wine is not classified as ecological or bio dynamic, however the focus is on making great wines by taking good care of the land and grapes. A good grape will speak for its self, and the Benoit Badoz Cremant du Jura is proof of that.

A simple but elegant label
A simple but elegant label
Light golden color
Light golden color

The wine is made from 100% Chardonnay and it has a lemony and sweetly refreshing nose. The taste is crispy, with yellow apples, pear and minerals. The sweetness in the aroma is deceiving as the wine its self tastes very dry. The wine has a persistent stream of teeny tiny bubbles contributing to a pleasant creamy mouth feel. All in all a very refreshing appetizer.

I got this wine from last years Christmas wine calendar (remember that? I hope I will get one this year as well) so I am not sure what price was paid for this specific bottle. After some (google) research I found the wine available in the producers web-shop for 8,90 EUR (!!).  That, I must say, is a great price. For pure quality, I give this wine a 3 (it’s good, but nothing amazing), but value for money I would say is a 4.5. I wonder if they deliver to Sweden…

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