Barcelona State of Mind

Una copa de cava por favor! Imagine sitting on an ocean terrace in Barcelona. The sky is blue, you feel the warm salty breeze on your face and there is a cold glass of cava on its way to your table. I wish! It has been a hectic week and we have just been running around like headless chickens. Ok, relatively organized headless chickens. However, we have had meetings after meetings and tastings, while at the same time trying to balance the inflow of emails into the inbox. It has all been fun. But boy do I need the weekend after this trip. It feels almost like a blessing going home tomorrow. 
I do not have a lot of time to write this week, but I am compensating with some extra pictures from the city I love (and some from the vineyards of Sant Sadurni). Barcelona is a colourful rebel with quirky art, interesting architechture and an abundance of history. Looking forward to sharing more insight on bars and restaurants on Sunday!


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