Wineweek 47: The Week After Cavatast

There is a saying in Swedish, borta bra men hemma bäst. It basically means that its great to travel, but nothing beats being home. We had a wonderful week in Barcelona, however I am ecstatic about being home. Also, our Air BnB apartment was quite run down, so nice to have a proper hot shower and a comfy bed again. We did not come home empty handed though. We brought 31 new Spanish friends to occupy our wine fridge. This is not the record. From Portugal we were able to bring 34 bottles. However, this time we had significantly more bubbly that weighs more and takes more space. We were actually discussing with M how many bottles we could potentially bring if we really came prepared, in check in luggage I mean (one can always send a pallet). I think we concluded that around 90 Bordeaux bottles could be doable. I will share some of my wine packing tips later.

All 31 bottles survived the trip
Torelló cavas in the cooling
Torelló cavas in the cooling

What did we buy and where did we shop? We bought mainly cava, some 100% Xarello and white rioja. We also picked up a bottle of Castell d’Encus riesling (a really interesting producer in the Pyrenees) and a Mencia from Bierzo. Sounds wonderful right? The wines were bought from Cavatast as well as two of our favorite wine shops in Barcelona: Vila Viniteca (Borne) and Di Vi (Eixample).

As we were in the region, we also took the opportunity to meet some producers, old and new. We spent a day at Torelló, a high-end producer of cava. We popped by Rimarts to sample their new batch of Martinez Rose (last year this cava was sold out). And we also took a quick tour in the historical cellars of Jaume Giró i Giró and had dinner with our star producer Peret Fuster. Really wonderful visits that, again, increased me knowledge on cava production. We also heard some rumors on a new classification, Singe estate cava, coming up next year. How the labelling will look is not clear yet, however, only gran reserva cavas that are produced from start to finish by the same grower-producer could carry this classification. This would be very interesting for the consumer, so I really hope it materializes.

The Martinez rose cava has a beautiful light ruby color
The Martinez rose cava has a beautiful light ruby color
M browsing in Vila Viniteca
M browsing in Vila Viniteca
Tasting the selection at Jaume Giró i Giró
Tasting the selection at Jaume Giró i Giró

Next week (including this weekend) will be low on wine. After having a glass or two (or three) every day we were in Spain, I feel I need a detox. Next weekend though, we are holding our fall champagne tasting to customers that made purchases during our spring open house. We will be sampling some private label cavas from the UK as well as branded champagnes from the same producer. I am also tempted to mix a good, toasty cava in there. We will be doing the tasting blind to get more interesting results.

That was it for this wineweek! More about our visits at the producers and other wine-ventures to follow in a few days (after I have catched up on some sleep).

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