Cava and Friends in Berlin

One of the things I love about working with wine is the people you meet in the process. Growers, distributors and shop-owners, all share the same passion and love talking about it. With wine ter is always more to learn, so every conversation gives something. Some people you of course do not really connect with. However, sometimes it just clicks and you end up making lifetime friends.

During our trip to Cavatast this October, we made some new friends from Germany. With Franziska and Dave, who we had the privilege to meet at the Torelló estate, we connected immediately. Perhaps it was the hot Sant Sadurni sun or the cool Torelló we had in our glasses, but It really felt like friendship at first sight. The couple are small business owners, like us, and they have a small cava-shop in Berlin. A shop for just cava! How can you not love that!

Franziska and Daves shop, Cavaísimo is located in Pankow, Berlin. The small boutique sells mainly cava, but also some other wines (people usually like to buy a few different things at the same time) and nice wine-accessories. There are over 50 different cavas in the assortment, including some of my favorites from Torelló, Jaume Giro I Giro and Castel d’Age. Franziska also holds small tastings (I think it’s on Fridays) at the shop to familiarize people with the spanish bubbly.

The front of the shop
The front of the shop
The Cavazacki in all its glory. Copyright: Cavaísimo
The Cavazacki in all its glory. Copyright: Cavaísimo
Cavas on display at the shop
Cavas on display at the shop

Now, I have not visited the shop, but I am almost inclined to buy a trip to Berlin just to see it. If it was possible to start a physical shop in Stockholm, I would propably want to have one too. By the way. The cute bike you see in the pictures is Franziskas. It was the bike she used to go to school with over thirty years ago and it was refurbished for her birthday. The worplay with Kawasaki turned into Cavazacki is priceless.

So if in Berlin, don’t miss out on a chance to visit Cavaísimo. My fingers are just itching to go through that amazing selection of cava they have on the shelf.

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