Wineweek 50: Partying in Helsinki

Its six am on Saturday morning when I started drafting this post. I had some time while sitting on the bus on my way to the airport. Every three years a university club I belong to throws a big party (in Helsinki). I was initially not intending to go, but such an event is a great opportunity to see all my old school friends at the same time. Sitting there, watching sleepy Stockholm waking up, I started thinking about how life panned out for all of us. It has soon been ten years since I graduated and we have all ended up around the world: Hong Kong, Berlin, Barcelona, UK and the US. I always thought I was destined to leave Finland, and so I did. I never dreamed about ending up in Sweden though. Anyway, it was quite exciting seeing all my globe-trotting friends again.

Now it is Sunday and I am already on my way back home. The party was awesome! Almost four hundred quests, great music and shots (!!) that none of us could really stomach. We are all grown up now, my uni friends and I. Most of us have families and serious jobs. We are not as wild and reckless as we were then (except for this night once every three years). However, it is wonderful to see that deep down we have not changed at all. Except for perhaps my taste for wine is slightly more expensive than it used to be.

The journey starting at Arlanda airport
The journey starting at Arlanda airport
Never again...
Never again…
Llagrima served at the party
Llagrima served at the party
Catching up with friends
Catching up with friends
The band had a few glasses of wine too.
The band had a few glasses of wine too.
At Helsinki-Vantaa airport, searching for a good glass of wine
Killing time at Helsinki-Vantaa airport, searching for a good glass of wine

The wine at the party was nothing new (Llagrima d’Or of course), so perhaps nothing new to share with you this Sunday. However, while I had some time to kill at the airport, I did some scouting around at Helsinki-Vantaa for good places for a glass of wine. There has been a lot of work done at the Helsinki airport and I noticed quite many bars that I have not seen before. I will write a separate post about this the coming week.

Other good news. After long preparations (and slight procrastination) we are finally taking in port-wines to our selection. The Vieira de Sousa ports will be available in our next order window, just in time for Christmas. Port is perfect for the Christmas table; a great companion with some fruit cake, chocolate or cheese. We will have two types of boxes available: Port beginner and Port pro. Both boxes have 3 different wines, two bottles of each. The Beginner has entry level tawny, ruby and dry white port. The Port pro has two bottles of late bottled vintage (2008), ruby reserva and 10 year tawny ports. Due to these being our first ports, we were want to be cautious with the numbers. Meaning, we don’t have that many boxes available and they will be sold with a ‘first come, first serve’-basis

That was it for pictures and news this week. Now I need to get some sleep. Have a great week everyone!

xx Soile

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