For the Love of Port

Oh joy! We have just received notification that our Vieira de Sousa ports are on their way to Sweden. A journey that started almost a year ago is coming to a close.

We have had plans for including port wine to our selection for some time now. December 2014 we received a tip from a friend in Denmark about a young port producer, Luisa Borges, in Douro valley, who makes exceptional wines. Now at that time, I did not know very much about Port. We had a look at the selection at the local monopoly and ordered some samples from Luisa. I also did some reading on the production methods of port to get a feeling for what we were in for (read about discovering port here). It was love at first sip.

In the spring of 2015 we visited Luisa in Douro. It was an amazing trip driving through the unique scenery of the steep valley. We tasted through the full selection as well as had the privilege of trying out some of Luisa’s old family ports. As a cherry on top, we spent the night at a cabin on one of Luisa’s vineyards. Amazing! Below a few photos from the trip.

Tasting the ports
Tasting the ports
Dry white port
Dry white port
Gazing over Luisas vineyards in Douro
Gazing over Luisas vineyards in Douro
The LBV 2008 will be in the Port-Pro box
The LBV 2008 will be in the Port-Pro box

So if you are in Stockholm and don’t have anything special planned for next Saturday (14/11), come and try the Vieira de Sousa ports at our open house tasting. RSVP latest on the 12th of November to Port wine is a great companion for cold and dark winter evenings. It is also a great dessert wine with cheese, pastries and chocolate, not to mention a perfect gift for Christmas.

While we love port we would perhaps also hesitate to buy a case of six bottles of only one type of port, so we have assembled two types of mixed boxes with Luisa: Port-Beginner and Port-Pro. The Beginner has two bottles of the tawny-, ruby- and dry white port. It is a great introductory box to get a taster of three main types of port. Luisa makes an excellent set of entry level ports and a box of six bottles will only set you back 899 SEK. The Pro includes two bottles of 10 year Tawny, Ruby Reserva and LBV 2008 (late bottled vintage) and costs 1299 SEK. Looking at comparable products in the state monopoly, I think we were able to build boxes that are really excellent value for money.  The ports can be ordered for arrival well before Christmas. Planned delivery dates are in the beginning of December.

What an amazing feeling to finally have these products on the market!

xx Soile

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