Wineweek 52: A Year of Blogging

A year has passed. Where did all that time go? I must have done something during these 52 weeks.. Looking at the statistics, we have posted 266 times, had around 7000 views (that’s of course quite small, many bogs have more in an hour) and 1000 visitors. So we must have done a lot. For my 52nd Wineweek, I thought I would mention the most popular posts of the year, as well as my personal favorites.

1. Cocktail Bar Review: Long Play SIngapore
The most popular of our posts. Probably due to the fact that we happened to be there the day after it opened and did a quick review the day after. Timing is everything. We will be returning to Singapore this Christmas and I am looking forward to seeing if the place is still around. The cocktails were amazing.

2. Our day at Terres & Vins de Champagne
This was such a fun day. One of the perks of owning a wine business is to be able to visit events that are only for pro’s. We tried 60 Champagnes in six hours and were so put of with bubbly that it took at least a week for us to pop open another bottle. We are not sure if we will go next year, but I am sure that when spring comes we will feel the pull towards Reims.

3. Getting Ready for Cavatast 2015
This is an event the whole family can take part in. Cavatast is celebrated every year the first weekend of October. There is all kinds of activity: lectures, fireworks, the crowning of the Cava-queen, and of course you can taste cavas from over 30 different producers. The festival is getting more foody every year, so there is also tapas, meats, chocolate and cakes. I started off early this year to market the event. And thanks to that we were able to meet new friends from the UK, who joined us for the day at Sant Sadurni. Perhaps my blog is not that busy with readers, but it has definitely been a good forum for meeting some other cavalovers.

The author with her fish cocktail, looking forward to another year of blogging.
The author with her fish cocktail, looking forward to another year of blogging.

Additionally I like M’s guides to the best cava. He did three posts and divided his (our) favorite Spanish bubblies based on price.

Guide to the best cava part 1: Entry-level
Guide to the best cava part 2: Mid-range
Guide to the best cava part 3: Prestige cavas

So what is in store for the coming year? I seriously don’t know. We are honestly just winging it. What do I hope for? More sales. Obviously. Not really for making money (although I have nothing against that), but for widening our product range. We have met some amazing producers, but held back due to having quite a lot of stock. That stock is now going down, but our customer base is still fairly small. However, looking back a year ago we didn’t even have our distant sales license, so things tend to go forward. Slowly but surely.

So thank you for all your encouraging comments and likes for the past year. Hopefully I can keep up the interest also for the next 52 wineweeks.

xx Soile

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