The Perfect Glass

It has been a long search, the search for the perfect champagne glass. Our current selection of Iittala, Orrefors and random collectibles (like Cavatast glasses) are nice, but not really optimal from a tasting perspective. There was a time when I thought flutes were cool…

Anyway, we have rummaged through the different series of Riedel, Schott & Zwiesel and Spiegelau without really agreeing on which we should get. The ones that have looked nice have been too heavy (molded glass) and the ones that have been light enough have somehow not pleased the eye. You know this is an important decision, like a lifelong commitment, so one does not want to select hastily (have I ever mentioned I love sarcasm?). Well perhaps not a commitment, but the glasses are not cheap, so that is reason enough to be a bit selective.

In April this year we found what we were looking for. The Austrian glass make Zalto is both light (like holding a feather) and beautiful. Additionally the white wine glass in the series (the third from the right) is great for tasting champagne (and other bubblies). We used the Zaltos with many other professionals at Terres & Vins de Champagne.

Zalto glasses at Terres & Vins

So why have we not bought a set yet? I don’t know. We have been procrastinating. God knows why as the Zaltos are what we want. Perhaps it is because we have to order them. For some reason Riedel is the dominating make in all reputable glassware boutiques. So for this Christmas I swear, we will get those glasses and my flute-agony will be over.

Any experiences on the Zaltos among the readers? And any other recommendations. Not that I will change my mind (hopefully), but it would be great to hear what glasses you use for your tastings.

xx Soile

PS. The glass in the featured image is not a Zalto. I just liked the image.

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