Wineweek 53:Swedish Christmas Treats

So now all the Christmas decorations are officially out. There is no escaping anymore. I really love Christmas, don’t get me wrong. I am just opposed to it always starting so early. By the time it is mid-December, I am already bored with all the fuss.

But wait a minute. In two and a half weeks, we will be heading to Asia for our winter holiday. Holiday!! Or is anything really a holiday for me as I am an entrepreneur? Anyway, I don’t really have to deal with all that Christmas fuss and I can just enjoy the festive spirit here in Stockholm for the two remaining weeks. I thought I would share some of my favorites with you. So here is a list of what I really enjoy in Stockholm over the holiday season.

Blossa Glögg. Glögg is the (alcoholic) Christmas drink in the Nordic countries. Tastes a bit like mulled wine but sweeter. Blossa is one of the biggest Swedish producers, and every year they make a special edition of glögg. This year the taste is Earl Grey. Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? And I really love how the bottles look as well.

The Blossa taste for 2015 is Earl Grey

Christmas markets. I know they usually sell only crap, but I enjoy the atmosphere. This years Christmas market at Sergelstorg is built in glass-pavilions with inspiration taken from New Yorks Bryant Park Winter Village. They look really nice in the evening and what is best, they have heating inside.

Sergelstorg joulumarkkinat. Copyright Soile Vauhkonen
The glass pavilions at Sergelstorg

The Christmas coffee at Espresso House. This year it is a really nice blend. All the coffee at Espresso House comes from a small Norwegian roaster called Solberg & Hansen, so even our coffee nerd (M) accepts the quality.

The mug doesn’t say Merry Christmas, but I still like it

So what is up next week? We close our Christmas order window today, so next week we will be just monitoring that all of the bottles find their way to Sweden and their rightful owners. Our logistics chain is pretty good, so it doesn’t really need supervision. However, we want to be here just in case.. We will also have some of my friends visiting from Finland, so I suspect there will be some nice wine-action the coming weekend.

Have a good one!

xx Soile

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