For the Love of Port

Oh joy! We have just received notification that our Vieira de Sousa ports are on their way to Sweden. A journey that started almost a year ago is coming to a close.

We have had plans for including port wine to our selection for some time now. December 2014 we received a tip from a friend in Denmark about a young port producer, Luisa Borges, in Douro valley, who makes exceptional wines. Now at that time, I did not know very much about Port. Continue reading “For the Love of Port”

Having a Glass at Helsinki Airport

Early morning or late afternoon, one thing is sure: a glass of wine at the airport is one of the best ways to start a holiday. Watching planes take off with a glass of bubbly in the hand is damn relaxing. I don’t mind having some bubbly after a hard working week either. However, it is seldom that one finds great wines at the airport. By the glass I mean. I am sure the situation is not hopeless, however, usually people (me) are in such a hurry that they do not have the time to really browse around. So I have made it my mission to check out the airport ‘by the glass’-selection whenever I have the time to spare. Last weekend, I had plenty of slack, so I started this journey from the airport that used to be my main hub, Helsinki-Vantaa. Continue reading “Having a Glass at Helsinki Airport”

Wineweek 50: Partying in Helsinki

Its six am on Saturday morning when I started drafting this post. I had some time while sitting on the bus on my way to the airport. Every three years a university club I belong to throws a big party (in Helsinki). I was initially not intending to go, but such an event is a great opportunity to see all my old school friends at the same time. Sitting there, watching sleepy Stockholm waking up, I started thinking about how life panned out for all of us. It has soon been ten years since I graduated and we have all ended up around the world: Hong Kong, Berlin, Barcelona, UK and the US. I always thought I was destined to leave Finland, and so I did. I never dreamed about ending up in Sweden though. Anyway, it was quite exciting seeing all my globe-trotting friends again. Continue reading “Wineweek 50: Partying in Helsinki”