Glasperfection: Christmas Present From Me to Me

Remember the recent post about the perfect wine-glass? Well now we finally ordered the Zalto glasses I have been ranting about for so long. They arrived yesterday, hand delivered, from Stockwine. Merry Christmas to me (us)!

We bought two types of glasses: six (6) white wine and six (6) Burgyndy. When unpacking the beautiful hand blown glasses they felt amazingly light. The stem is so delicate and thin. If I hadn’t used the Zalto all day at Terres & Vins (so I know it can withstand heavy tasting), I might have thought that it will fall apart by just holding it in my hand. The bowl of the Burgundy glass is huge. Having just one glass has reached a whole new meaning. The white wine glasses are quite narrow and we intend using them for tasting whites as well as champagnes.

A wonderful Christmas present from us to us. Not a cheap one (~30€ per glass), but I am hoping these delicate beauties will last for a long time (right…).

Our beautiful new glasses
Packed in stylish boxes
Packed thoroughly and hand delivered by Stockwine


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