Wine Trends 2016

As we are closing in on the new year, I thought I would do a post about some current wine trends and what to expect in 2016. I am all but on expert, so I did some research with my trusted partner in crime – Google. What comes up when typing in “wine trends in 2016”?

The rise of wine by the glass with Coravin

Of course! There was a time when having wine by the glass in a restaurant meant that you were daunted by the price of a bottle. Or perhaps it just felt like that to me as I was indeed daunted. You need to be quite winecurious to want to pay what restaurants often ask for a bottle in Sweden (or Finland). Additionally, many restaurant wines by the glass were from the lower price segment since people are quite price conscious. The Coravin will change all this! More and more restaurants will invest in proper equipment (Coravin or equivalent) and offer a wider selection by the glass and of more interesting wines. As a happy owner of a Coravin, I can say that it works very well. It is perhaps one of the greatest inventions of all time (after wine).

Gaston wine bar at NK
Less is more! I prefer to taste small quantities of several wines.

Is Orange Wine the new rosé of summer 2016?

Orange wine is produced more like a red wine – white grapes are soaked in their grape skins, resulting in an amber color and higher tannins. This turns into a wine that has the body and texture of a red and the freshness and minerality of a white. Sounds like a pretty awesome combination for summer of 2016.

Urban Wineries bring winemaking to the cities

The US has already seen the rise of urban wineries across the country, and I believe Europe will follow. There are even a few places in Stockholm, like the newly built Winery Hotel, that have invested in making their wines locally, within city limits. The grapes will not be grown at the winery (they will come from continental Europe), but the production process from grape to wine is located in the city. Does this produce a different type of wine? I doubt it. But it enables more people to go and see the process and appreciate the work going into a bottle.

London Cru wines labeling
We visited London Cru (urban winery) last summer

Legislation around wine labeling to increase?

We have seen the rise of this trend already, however, I believe it is not at its peak. People are interested in the wine-making process and the content of the bottle. Even though most wines consumed in Sweden are the mass produced ones (that will be pumped up with additives and added sugar), we can see people requiring more information. The latest addition to the information sheet at the state monopoly is the sugar content. It is just a matter of time other additives (natural or not) will follow. Many of the products used are from the animal kingdom, so there are definitely people with an interest to know. I just freaked out a milk-allergic friend by telling her that milk protein is sometimes used as a fining agent (thank God it is regulated in Finland to mark those).

What do you think we will see happening in the world of wine in 2016?

xx Soile

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