Wineweek 59: Towards New Adventures

Wow, it has been a great week! Today we are saying goodbye to seven days of fun in Singapore. Our journey in Asia continues as we move along to our last destination, Bangkok. When we arrived to Asia, we only had a few days in the Thai capital to recover from jet lag. Now we are returning to Bangkok for a proper look around. It will be a week of coffee, wine and street food.

More about Bangkok later, now back to the past week in Singapore. The biggest event of the week was of course new years eve. And as always, it was a slight disappointment. I am sure it’s because of the expectations one has for New Year. It should be a big party with a lot of bubbles and energy to last until midnight. I have given up on those expectations years ago, but it still stings when New Year turns out lame. This year was not completely lame though. We had a good pre-party with our friends at their condo-complex. We found a great wine shop, Artisan Cellars, and had stocked up with bubbly from Chartogne-Taillet and David Leclapart. We only drank the Taillet, but it was a very nice start to the evening. Not to mention the great views and good company of our friends.

The night continued at Esquina, one of my favorite restaurants in Singapore. Esquina is owned by Jason Atherton, who just cannot open a bad restaurant. But here comes the lame part of the new year, Esquina was a sour disappointment. Not the food, but the service. We were seated at 21:30. A late reservation, but it was available for booking. After half and hour they already announced that the kitchen was closing. We hadn’t even received our starters. After the announcement the staff started briskly cleaning the room we were seated in. So we got to eat our dinner listening to the sound of the hoover. After finishing up with our meal we were quickly ushered out so that the staff could start with their private new years party. Bad service is what I expect in Singapore, it is kind of a trademark, but Esquina has before been such a good experience. Even the lovely pork and foie burger did not make me feel better. After dinner we tried finding a good bar for raising a glass for the new year, but everything nice was closed. All of Singapore was down at the Marina Bay to view the fireworks. We took an early taxi back to our hotel. So as always, New Year was kind of lame, but at least I got me some yummu Taillet to remember it by.

Looking at the week, the highlight was definitely our visit to Open Farm Community, a new restaurant at the Botanic Gardens. The look and feel is very hipster, but the food was mouthwatering. We had the red and white wine flights as well as some fresh pastas to accompany the drinks. Wines were well selected and we had some fun guessing what the fourth mystery wine was in both tasting sets. I will write more about Open Farm Community and other Singapore favorites the coming week.

Our last full week of touring is upon us, so we will make it count. We have some exciting restaurant reservations, for example lunch at one of my all time favorites, the Issaya Siamese Club (remember that post? Read about it here); and we will be checking out a few new wine spots. As Bangkok is known to be slightly thin with good wine, we have the bottle of Leclapart in the suitcase. Always good to have one champagne tucked away for an emergency. Like if its Tuesday and you feel like some bubbly (haha).

Have a good week everybody!

xx Soile

New Years Champagne Chartogne-Taillet


Making coffee requires focus – at Jewel Cafe Rangoon Road
The new Steampunk brewer makes a good cup even on a bad day – at The New Black
The drink was not that special but it made a colorful photo
The Singapore zoo is one of the best zoos I know (after San Diego)
Bakeries in Singapore are wonderful – at Tang Bahru Bakery
Making soft drinks at ..
Wine tasting at Open Farm Community
White wine flight at Open Farm Community
What a great concept, a Margarita pimped up with a beer – at Vatos Urban Tacos
Viewing the lights at Smoke & Mirrors
Singapore lights up after dark
Perhaps the best wine shop in Singapore – Artisan Cellars


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