Issaya Siamese Club Revisited

I am just such a big fan of Issya Siamese Club. There is no denying it fall into my top-10 favorite restaurant experiences in the world. The lush green garden and Thai villa, hidden in the middle of a buzzing city offers such a relaxing and delicious experience that words cannot describe it. I already reviewed it a year ago (link here), and I don’t have much more new to say. Food was great, staff friendly and the price for a set menu criminally low (1500 Bath for seven courses plus amuse bouche). Here are a few photos with my new Nikon D5500 to get you into the right mood. The photographer is a complete amateur, but the camera (and simple editing with Lightroom) actually hides that pretty well.

xx Soile

PS. I know this is a wine-blog but I would warmly recommend having some cocktails at this place. They are really good!

A Coriander Mojito to start the dinner
Banana blossom and heart of palm salad, crispy shallots and roasted peanuts in a chili jam dressing
Spice rubbed baby pork ribs, glazed with the Issaya chili paste
Amazing sankaporee chicken getting a shower of Issaya-sauce
Lamb shank simmered in massaman curry served with pickled cucumber
Tiger prawns in a house blended pepper-holy basil sauce


Jasmine flower panna cotta in Pandan leaf
The club is vibrant with flowers and colorful lamps
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