Wineweek 60: Home is Where the Wine is

As all good adventures, our tour in Asia must come to an end. We are spending our last full day in Bangkok, and tomorrow we will start heading back to Stockholm (technically on Tuesday as the flight takes of after midnight). There a crispy -20-something Celsius is waiting for us. Talk about a rough landing going down around 50C degrees in temperature. Regardless of the cold, home is home, and I am actually quite eager to return. I have a new job waiting for me, starting the same day I land to Arlanda. Thank god for the direct connection, full flat seat and noise canceling headphones. I am also very happy to be reunited with our own wine selection (although I think I might need a few weeks to recover from the trip).

But back to Bangkok for a few minutes. The more time you spend in a city, the more you fall in love (or not). When we go off somewhere, we usually do three things: sleep, drink and eat. We don’t really care much about the attractions.  So after a week you start feeling knowing your way around and realize you have just scratched the surface. We were just reading up a bit about cocktail bars, and found so many that we would still like to try. We even found a really great wine bar. By Any standards I would classify it as a great place.

Actually I need to use a bit of space to talk about the Wine Pub at the Pullman hotel. There will definitely be a separate post, but it is worth mentioning several times. The Pullman is quite un-charming (very businessy) with a giant tax free outlet just next door. You can just stand back as the buses full of Chinese tourists rush in and out with thousands of bags. I would not like to stay at this location even though I mostly prefer Accor hotels. The ambiance of the Wine Pub is also a bit cheap. It feels slightly like a chain restaurant with folded cardboard flyers lying around on the tables and ugly french posters on the walls. It is a also bit too murky for my taste. However, the 48 great wines by the glass make up for everything. I might as well be sitting on a cardboard box if the wine list is as great as this one. Mostly French, Italian and New World wines (Australian and NZ), the list is interesting and the wines fairly priced. When going up in quality, premium and grand cru wines are offered also in 3 and 6cl portions. Every single wine we tasted (around 5 or 6 different) were great. More about the Wine Pub next week.

We also did some great fine dining. I already posted some photos from Issaya Siamese Club, but I will also be writing something about Eat Me (#25 on Asias top-50). I also need to write a bit about the wine-chains popping up all over Bangkok. Wine Connection and Wine I Love You are spreading fast, making wine more accessible around the city (remember all the whining last year about the lack of wine). Although one of them should really not call its self a wine restaurant. All in all, I have some fun stuff to share with you. But now I will head out to enjoy the last bits of local food and beer.

Have a good week you all!

xx Soile

The small spirit-house in front of our hotel
Great coffee at Hands and Heart
Yes, the hipster looking man was naturally swedish
A walk in Lumpini park
Having dinner at Issaya Siamese Club
At the new Groove food court
Wine Connection is not exciting, but it offers an acceptable selection by the glass
The Erawan Shrine is buzzing even in the late hours of the evening

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