The Best in Bangkok

It has taken four days to get rid of the Jetlag. I have been up at 5am every day and falling over by 9pm. Finally it seems that my body has adjusted and I slept until eight this morning. Starting a new job hasn’t helped, so it is completely natural that any posting has been postponed to the weekend. The first post I want to do and the place I want to reminisce is the Wine Pub – the salvation of any winecurious spending time in Bangkok. It is by far the best wine bar in town.

The bar is located at the Pullman King Power, close to the Victory Monument. The hotel as such is not that nice, and the huge King Power tax free makes the location slightly unpleasant. Too many buses and tourists loitering around next to the hotel. This would not be the block to come hang around at due to its charm. The ambiance of the bar is quite generic. The looks are no different from a normal hotel bar. It is the content of the wine list which makes the Wine Pub worth a visit. 48 different wines by the glass would tickle my fancy anytime, anywhere.

The list by the glass in divided into four sections: House Wines, Suggestions du Sommelier, Premium Wines and Grand Crus. Prices started at around five euros per glass up to 50. The Premium and Grand Cry wines could also be ordered in smaller sizes: three (3) and six (6) cl. This is a feature I always appreciate as it gives the opportunity to taste more expensive wines for a reasonable price. The wines were held in one of those air tight vending machines, so they were preserved nice and air tight. And the sommelier checked each bottle before serving. As they should do.

The list is nice and mixed with wines from France, Australia, NZ, Chile and South Africa. The Premium wines also have some old world vintages from Italy. France, as you can imagine, was most heavily represented. The list also features four bubblies by the glass: two Proseccos and two Champagnes. To my disappointment, the champagnes were quite boring (and I would not touch the Proseccos).

We tried altogether five wines: La Chapelle Viognier (Fr), Pegasus Sauvignon Black (NZ), Wairau River Sauvignon Blanc (NZ), Poiully Fuisse 2006 (Fr) and Clos Windsbuhl Pinot Gris 2004 (Fr). All whites due to the hot weather. All were actually really good for the price on the menu. How rare! The poiully Fuisse and Clos Windsbuhl were from the premium selection, so we took only 3cl tasters. That was definitely enough as they were quite intense, but delicious.

Service was also good. However I think there is a bit of a language barrier when the bartenders are local. Not that they don’t know their stuff, but some things that we asked about they just did not understand in the context we meant it. For example, we asked how often they rotate the wine list and they understood it how often do we open a new bottle (for wines by the glass). Not that far but still a completely different thing.

All in all I was really happy to find the Wine Pub. Regardless of its lame name and chain restaurant looks, it is by any standards a really great wine bar to visit.

xx Soile


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