Wineweek 61: Ice Age

We have returned to Sweden and boy is it cold here. Seriously, its below -10C. My face freezes when I go out. The warmth of Asia is just a faint memory and now we have to patiently wait for summer. Its going to be a long wait…how have humans survived at these latitudes for this long?

Before returning to the ice age, I thought I would post the last picture collection from the trip. Even the memory makes me feel warm. A few of the highlights of the last days were wine bar and restaurant Quince, the speakeasy Havannah Social, and the last sips of Singha beer with traditional Thai dishes like Red curry. We also had some ice cream and watched the tuk tuks drive past. It was a laid back ending for a month long journey. Both Quince and Havannah Social were quite fun so I will be writing more about them in the coming weeks.

What is coming up then in the first months of 2016? Exciting things! In a week we will visit Wine Expo in Helsinki (conveniently bundled up with the Travel Expo). End of January we will be going to Sprithistoriska, the alcohol museum here in Stockholm. Their restaurant is said to be wonderful and have one of the best wine lists in town. Last but not least, in the beginning of February I have a meeting and a tour at the newly opened Winery Hotel: Urban winery and hotel here in Stockholm. My calendar is actually so exciting that I just cannot wait for next week to begin. Just counting the days to the weekend..

Enjoy the pictures and have a great week!

xx Soile

Glass of Albarinjo at Quince
A visit to Bangkok is not complete without a Tuk tuk ride.
Red curry
The entrance to the secret bar Havannah Social
Delicious honeycomb ice cream at Casa Lapin
Spirit house
Coffee to go at Brave Roasters (Siam Center)
At the night market
Yes, Durian tastes just as bad as it smells – never again
Lemon chicken with chili, herbs and mint
Nothing beats Singha as a companion for real Thai food.


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