Hanging out at Quince BKK

For those who are already sick of my post on Bangkok, this is the last one I swear. For this year at least. However, since this time around we found much better places for wine in the city, I don’t think it’s fair to keep them all to myself. Quince Eatery & Bar is a very typical expat hangout right inbetween Thong Lo and Phrom Pong sky train stations. The look is early hipster: modern bistro with some edgy industrial details – a look you have seen a thousand times in London and Scandinavia. But we did not come to Quince for the decor, we came for the wine list. 

We had already enjoyed some dinner (and drinks), so we just sat down at the bar for one glass. The wine list was selected with care. The bubbly by the glass was a Prosecco, which was a slight disappointment. We actually chatted with a restaurant owner about it and were told that it is the only sparkling people ask for. Prosecco has done some dynamite marketing to come to that position (as I doubt it is the quality that has done the trick). There were four whites by the glass: a Vinho Verde, white Burgundy, and Australian Chardonnay and an Albarinjo from Rias Baixas. Guess which one I went for (I am a sucker for Albarinjo). The reds by the glass featured French Syrah, SPanish Caberner Merlot, Mourvedre and a Portuguese red from Niepoort (a mix of five local grape varieties). Prices for the glasses varied from around five (5) to ten (10) euros. Not too bad, but not really reflecting the local price level.

We did not stay for a longer time but the food and cocktails looked pretty awesome. Next time I am sure we will try out some more things. What I struggle with slightly is that I would actually prefer to stick to local restaurants and cuisine when in Bangkok (and in other places as well). Quince represents a partially unwelcome gentrification that is happening in the cooler parts of Bangkok. Unwelcome in the sense that I really appreciate how Bangkok is and has been charming mix of concrete and glitter, all very friendly and local. Quince represents a look that you can see around every corner, a style that somewhat faceless.

All in all, Quince does have one of the most interesting wine lists in town. The selection is a bit more colorful with wines from Spain and Portugal. Often in is just French and Australian wines that are featured by the glass. So if you are around, give it a try. A glass of chilled white in the hot Bangkok weather is a perfect way to cool down and relax.

xx Soile






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